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K-4 Digital Skills Matrix
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade

Technology Standards for Students
Technology Standards for Teachers
Keyboarding Steps
Mrs. Jones' Coaching Action Plan
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25 Questions that can transform our schools
Great Article - below are the questions for teachers and students!
Questions for Teachers
What are the key skills and concepts we will address in this course/grade level?
What is the role of formative assessment in measuring the written, taught, and understood curricula?
What is our plan for when students don’t learn?
How does our learning space support student understanding of the key skills, concepts, and soft skills that our staff has identified as important?
How does our school support the whole child?
Questions for Students
What are my goals this week?
What can I do to contribute in my class and outside of class?
Who is a family member, teacher, friend, or community member who I admire and can learn from?
Why is it important to become a lifelong learner and to continue to learn new things?
How can I make a positive impact in the world using my strengths and abilities?
7 Questions That Drive Continuous Improvement
1. What does student understanding look like?
2. How will we implement the 5 Cs (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Contribution) in curriculum, instruction, and assessments?
3. Does our learning space support student understanding of the key skills, concepts, and soft skills that our staff has identified as important?
4. What is the ratio of compliance vs. contribution in my classroom/school?
5. Are we designing authentic tasks for students or asking each student to complete the same assignment?
6. Do the lessons/units incorporate Accountable Talk or student-led questions which deepen student understanding?
7. What is one thing that our school could transform to improve student understanding?

Computer Science

The Arkansas Computer Science Standards for Grades K-8 provide an introduction to computing concepts that are to be embedded across other content areas and are intended to support what is already being done in the classroom. The standards support critical thinking through the essential skills of computational thinking and algorithmic problem solving. The course strands, content clusters, and content standards are to be taught in an integrated manner, not in isolation. Integration of basic computer science skills and knowledge through practical classroom experiences promote connections to all subject areas and to the real world. Formal assessment of these standards is not required; teachers may monitor and measure student learning through normal classroom activities and interactions.
In short, ADE wants all teachers in all content area engaging in discussions surrounding computer science and digital literacy as appropriate for their content area and age of students.
The Computer Science Fact Sheet continues to be updated with a school year implementation guidance.
Computer Science Standards for Grades K-4 (PDF)
Arkansas Refrigerator Curriculum
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grad
4th Grade

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