Keyboard Game Links

Practice, Practice, Practice!

The keyboarding games in the links below provide opportunities for students to practice proper technique at home or when lessons are complete in class. As students learn new keys and continue to build their speed, they will find it extremely beneficial to practice their new skills by playing these games. Please note that you will be leaving the district web site when clicking on the games/links provided.

First Quarter GamesSecond Quarter Games
Dance Mat TypingAirTyper
Desert Typing Racer (Play game #1 – Home Row Keys only)Axis of Evil
Martian City Defender (Play game #1 – Home Row Keys only)Magic Library
Outerspace Fleet Commander (Play game #1 – Home Row Keys only)Proofreaders Marks
Save the Sailboat Race (Play game #1 – Home Row Keys only)Spider Typer
Spacebar Invaders (Play game #1 – Home Row Keys only)Ten Key Test
The Frogs are Off Their Diet (Play game #1 – Home Row Keys only)Type'em up
Typing Terror