Grading Policy

Students -

You be allowed to turn in assignments for full credit (minus any mistakes) any time during the course of the nine weeks grading period. If you have an absence or don't get your work finished during class come in during "Tech Time" to get it completed. No one wants a zero! Use "Tech Time" to get rid of those pesky zeros!

  • In GradeBook, an “X” represents the student has been excused from the assignment and this will not affect their grade average.
  • In GradeBook, a “Z” represents the student has not turned in the assignment and currently has a zero for that assignment.
  • In GradeBook, a “0” represents the student failed to turn the assignment or the student failed to earn points for the assignment.
  • Tests/Quizzes/Assessments will make up 60% of a student’s grade, all other Classroom/Daily work (assignments) will make up the other 40% of the student’s grade.