Tips for Online Learners

Tips for Online Learners

Get Dressed And Ready For School
Get dressed and put shoes on like you are going to a traditional classroom. This seemingly small tip can make a big difference in your school day by creating a routine. Our brain doesn’t know we have things to do when we stay in our pajamas. This will get your brain and body prepared to learn and work.

Make A Plan For The Day
Make a plan for what you need to accomplish in a day or week. You can schedule multiple subjects per day or use a Block schedule. For example, do all the assignments for one subject for the week in one day. (M-ELA assignments; T-Math assignments; W- Science assignments, etc) Begin each day by reviewing announcements, responding to emails, and checking your grades and feedback before beginning work in a class. Always have your DAILY 5 open!

The Daily 5

Take Regular Breaks
Take a brain break after each assignment. This will rest your eyes and prepare you to start a new subject or assignment. You should also plan physical activity each day. Activities you do to improve your body also benefit your brain. Exercise has many good effects on the brain like improved memory and overall mood. Make time to dance, run, ride your bike, take a walk, or any activity you love!
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Stay In Contact With Your Teachers
Contact your teacher when you need help or have questions. Teachers want to help you succeed and you are never bothering a teacher by scheduling a Zoom meeting or sending an email.

Create An Inspiring Workspace
Find a quiet area away from distractions (televisions, toys, smart devices, etc.) that is reserved for work only. When you work on a couch or bed, your brain will not recognize these areas as serious workspaces and you will be more likely to get distracted. Organize all of your school supplies in one place and treat your space like your home classroom. When you take a break, move to another space.